« quelqu’un a proposé à papa de faire des maisons en Bulgarie

papa a dit mais j’ai tout ici

qu’est ce que nous allons faire

maman a dit va

et il est parti

il nous écrivait

moi je lui écrivais

il a écrit je suis malade

beaucoup sont venus à Skopje

on nous demandait où allez vous

on disait nous avons encore quelqu’un

Il y a eu un jeune qui voulait être ingénieur comme papa

il est parti avec lui.

Je voudrais aller en Russie maintenant je pourrais

j’ai tout fini

c’est très grand là bas

mais même si j’y vais une semaine seulement

du matin jusqu’au soir

je verrais un peu

la rivière Neva »


Animation of a photography and writing workshop inside the Russian House –retirement home created in 1927 that originally welcomed Russians imigrants.

Through this workshop, we decided (in cooperation with the psychologist and the librarian of the place) to emphasize the revalorization of each one, of its image but also of its word and its experience. By the realization of a book and, through it, the creation of an individual space for each of the participants, they will have the opportunity to leave a trace, a testimony, and an imprint of life to share and pass on.

A double approach.

The writing workshop wasn’t working with the public of the Russian House, so I decided to give the importance to the words through dialogue.

The aim was not reality itself but the miniscule fragment of memory, that which maintains, even in a vague or blurry form, the subjectivity of the perception that counts and that we want to share, that would add a facet to the photographic portrait that represents them.

Through the control of every element of the shooting (dressing, place, light, position), the participant, accompanied by my care, will be helped to become the full creator of his photography, of his portrait. Used as a tool of valorization in a stage of life where we can feel excluded and useless, this portrait will allow each one to leave an image of himself, a trace in compliance with its desires. For that purpose, I will create for every participant an individual relation between him and me. The portrait will be the result of its expectations and of the dialogue and encounter.


From the book:

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