I grew up in Val-d'Oise (in Paris region) where I was already dreaming, while drawing, of journeys bigger than the tour of the city park, of landscapes less impressionist.

I decided early in life to invest myself into arts and literature, while feeling in my heart that I also wanted to engage my time and qualities to the service of others. 

I was quickly interested in art-therapy, I remember that seven years ago I made a round trip to Dijon (a day of snow storm) to meet with art-therapists. I realized at that moment that the training in this domain was still not very developed and that the road to follow had to be drawn itself through a personal artistic practice, through experiences and life.

A few months later I was accepted at the School of Fine Arts (Beaux Arts de Paris).

I spent there five years (photographing, writing, and creating), time during which I had the chance to participate in a writing workshop with François Bon as well as to learn for six months at the School of Art of San Francisco.

At the same time, I lead a workshop of plastic arts with sick children of the Hospital Necker, I graduated my BAFA/ BAFD, the state diploma, to lead and manage a summer camp and youth program, which I did voluntarily during five consecutive summers. 

It was during my studies, in 2006, that I met Stéphane Moiroux thanks to the project « Territories of Fictions ». I  was moved by the subject and the sensibility of its photographic work, and we realized then our first work in collaboration. In 2009, aware of a similar and complementary approach we decided to renew the experience. We conceived and lead together a workshop at the Russian House.

At the same time, just graduated from the Art School and still avid of meetings, discoveries and new horizons, I decided to move to Israel for one year. I realized quickly that one year will not be enough to decipher this country; I thus choose to prolong my stay and to develop my artistic and social projects under the oriental sun. 

Since then I have led a photographic workshop with a group of Israeli children in a precarious situation, I taught for one year a semimonthly writing workshop at the French bookshop of Tel Aviv and I started an educator's training within the association Bait Ham.

Enriched by these multiple experiences, today I’m working with Stéphane Moiroux at the development of the project of conception and the realizations of workshops of creation and expression without border.


I became a photographer the same way that one becomes a nurse...by chance, by the turning of events that makes us feel every day a little more in accordance with ourselves.
I started to take care of patients. The desire to tell this experience as well as of the life of the patients with whom I had contact every day awakened inside me. At first: nothing, at least not much. Only after the illness of a relative, my grandmother, could I finally express that need of images. Still within my path of love, care and testimony, I narrated her life as an elder discovering disability. This adventure led me to look much further, to study narration of photographic stories, to join a school of journalism: EMI CFD.
So I became a photographer, but I'm still a nurse. Today, I shoot for magazines, here and there. I just finished a documentary project on the perception of madness among Native Americans, called “ Regards sur la folie, quelle place à l’invisible ? This project exhibited in many medical and care places shows an other approach  of the mental suffering and  maybe a more human look on this ‘madmen who are disturbing’. 

I also work with Anne.
We met through the project Territoires de Fictions and with the photographs of my grandmother, quite in the same manner in which I became a photographer. Our sensibilities are in accordance, to put it simply. It seemed obvious for us to continue this association as well as to start together this project...




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