Masaryk 14                                           

Writing Workshop

( two meetings a month since november 2009 )

In partnership with the French bookstore of Tel Aviv (Librairie du Foyer)

The writing workshop is open to everyone. What brings us together is a common language: French, our mother tongue (which is not the daily language anymore) as well as the desire of writing.

The workshop allows every one, throughout the progress of the meetings, to let their own voice rise to the surface, to feel comfortable with words, punctuation, rhythm, to be able to hear words resound and sense what they can reveal of oneself and of our vision of the world, what they are capable of creating, releasing and expressing.

This way, each one will find his own way to write, to describe and to tell, as well as discovering the specificity and the particularity of his writing voice, which fits to the genre or the thematic that he feels close to.

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