I HAVE NO IDEA        2010 – Stéphane Moiroux

I Have No Idea is a photographic workshop conducted with a group of psychotic young adults of an Inuk community in Canada.

This project was born through the meeting with Jacques Bertrand, head chief of the therapeutic departments of Kuujjuaq, a small town in Nunavik, the Inuit territory of Northern Quebec.
Comparatively, the Inuit have a much higher tolerance when it comes to mental disorders than we do. However, when a person seems to threaten the balance of the community through his delusional or aggressive behavior, he will no longer be accepted in his village. Therapeutic departments in Kuujjuaq provide accommodation for them.

The challenge for this structure is the acceptance of these adults into their communities. The workshop was built around the opening to the city. Through the different shooting times, participants were invited to go and meet the inhabitants of the community of Kuujjuaq. By exploring their environment, shops, community’s places, as well as through the practices of photo report in the street, or within the structures of the city, we provoked the encounter between them and the residents of the city.
The goal of this work was to allow the residents to show where they live. Thus, we created a book together and set up a video projection at the airport in order to show to the people of Kuujjuaq the daily life in this house, at that time also known as “the madhouse”.

from the book:

Maison supervisée pour les hommes. Nous restons ici le temps qu'il faut pour être prêt à rentrer chez nous, dans notre village. C'est très difficile d'être là car on a l'impression de déranger.

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