BEERSHEVA DANS L’OBJECTIF.   je me sens d’ici.              ( February - April  2010 )

The project consisted in the animation of a photographic workshop in a city

in the South of Israel with a group of 12 year olds as well as the realization of a book.

In partnership with the French Institute of Beer Sheva and the Israeli Negba Association,

who made its mission to welcome, every day after school, all children in danger

(family - social - educational) and to take care of them within a protected frame and familiar


The workshop’s objective consisted in allowing the young people to develop their spirit of observation and imagination, and specifically to make them participate in a project in which they would be in the center, where they would be the responsible and autonomous actors while offering them a space where they would have, through photography, the possibility of expressing themselves in a different way and of sharing their vision on what surrounds them and what they live and see. 

Before taking photos we went back in time to discover that photography wasn’t always a daily act, pixelated, multiple, and that the number of images was not always as unlimited and erasable as one wants today, that before the color there was black and a white.

Before taking the photos we looked at heaps of images and discovered, in a playful way, that there were various manners to take a picture and that the images could express many different things: an idea, laughter, testimony, keep track of moment or, on the contrary, create one.

Thanks to the images, we shared experiences, thoughts and feelings. Through looking attentively, we succeeded to locate the vocabulary and the tools that were at our disposal in order to create.  The more we were learning and discovering the more the impatience and the enthusiasm grew to be behind the camera as well.

Finally, each one had two weeks, a camera and 36 clicks to create the images that will form part of the book that we will make together afterwards and which will allow us to gather (collect) and show the images, to concretize via a common object where each one had its own space, the investment and the work realized.

« Mes amis m’ont demandé si nous n’étions pas remonté dans le temps car ce n’était pas un appareil photos numérique »

« J’ai vu des choses que je n’avais pas vu avant »

החברים שלי שאלו אותי אם עליתי על מכונת הזמן במסע לעבר כי המצלמה שלי ענתיקה”

“שמתי לב לדברים שלא ראיתי מקודם”

Photographs from the book:

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